– Words and Images –

Welcome to my website. As an author and an artist, I have included a bookshelf and a gallery. Few pictures remain. Years ago, a complex relationship with the nude drove me to render the figure by literary means. Three novels have resulted.   

The first two projects were attributed to Daniel “D.C.” Morrister, a fictional character from my work. After watching a stranger bare herself at a gas station, he obscured her again with the rhythm and rhyme of In So Many Words. I later said that D.C. wrote The Sketchbook, in which a similar woman is widely accepted, while listing myself as the illustrator. Still, I didn’t promote either title.

My latest effort, IMAGE, is a tale of horror. Eighteen recent drawings are traced to a decades-old experience with the figure; somebody was robbed of hers. I have admitted to writing and am more actively publicizing it. A website was a part of the plan. It’s a short trip into a past devoted to words and images. Thank you for stopping by.

Colin Turner