The Ghost Within

In March of 2020, I finished illustrating my third novel, IMAGE. Seventeen of the pictures were of antiques, the eighteenth of nothing at all. It took almost a year for me to complete another sketch: a sloppy rendering of a car. I needed to learn to get the chaos under control. With that accomplished, I can move ahead. What to portray is a different question. Abandoned buildings are appealing (I’ve included a recent example here). My work has always dealt with desertion. It’s why old objects have such a mystique, I believe. They speak of the lives that were lived around — or, in the case of architecture, inside of — them. As I turn away from the figure, its empty environment hints at an eerie truth: that our decaying houses are the bodies from which we are bound to be evicted in the end.

Published by Colin Turner

I'm an artist, an author and, usually, the quietest guy in the room.

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